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Case Study

CPG Case Study

The power of video in programmatic.

Client Challenge

The objective for the client’s campaign was to target students by running a pre-roll video campaign across multiple devices with a completion rate of 80% or above. The client requested geo-targeting for English and French speaking users separately, broken down as 60% English and 40% French delivery.



The campaign delivered 1,527,472 unique views across devices, including tablet, mobile and desktop.

  • 50.3%

    Impressions delivered unique views

  • 89.1%

    Completed views

  • 9.1%

    Exceeded the target


  • The strategy The Exchange Lab implemented was to access inventory across multiple technology platforms, with a focus on a highly effective video demand-side platform (DSP). This particular DSP increased results around French browser targeting, which was required to ensure the client’s delivery objectives were met.
  • Video pre-roll was run across several channels including food and drink, pop-culture and sports. Behavioral targeting was implemented, which consists of displaying ads to users based on their past browsing behavior with an ad network, this was optimized toward students.
  • The Exchange Lab used real-time data to create and highly efficient blacklist of sites around performance as more insight was gained.


Insight was used to shut off spend when necessary and use that spend toward the effective time frames for optimal results. Efficiency, performance and real-time learning were an essential part of campaign delivery.

Further insights garnered include:

  • The highest completion rates occurred between 9pm and 12am
  • There was usually a dip in completion rates around lunch time between 11am and 2pm