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Case Study

Education Case Study: UK College

Prospecting tactics drive influence across multiple platforms and delivers a CTR 20% higher than target. Prospecting drives conversions by 92%.

Client Challenge

This college in the United Kingdom wanted to encourage open day registrations and prospectus downloads, specifically targeting potential applicants within a 150km radius of the college. The objective was to target and convert three audience segments; undergraduates, postgraduates and parents of children aged 16-18. The CTR objective was 0.1% and the campaign needed to be optimized towards a CPA target (£50) leading up to the open day.


  • 54%

    Exceeding the CPA target

  • 20%

    Higher than the CTR target

  • 92%

    Of conversions were driven by Exchange Lab’s prospecting strategy

  • Delivered a CPA of £23, 54% under the CPA target*
  • Achieved an overall CTR of 0.12%, 20% higher than the CTR target
  • 92% of conversions were driven by The Exchange Lab’s prospecting strategy

*The majority of conversions were driven at the beginning of November when the objective optimized towards CPA.


  • The strategy focused on targeting a number of different channels, beyond the suggested education channels, including entertainment and lifestyle categories where the target audience was active online
  • Audience and IP address targeting were implemented across three platforms to achieve the most efficient ad placement and high viewability rate for the intended audience
  • A prospecting strategy was agreed and tactics were utilized to fuel the retargeting pools


Discovering the right demographic for the brand and the particular campaign being run does not necessarily mean targeting the categories the campaign falls under. This type of insight is helpful for the client’s marketing strategy going forward both on and offline.

  • The education category provided a very low CTR, compared with entertainment
  • Through optimization and real-time learning, the best performing category was entertainment; sports, music.and audio/video entertainment channels also provided the majority of conversions