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Case Study

Experian Case Study: Global Information Services Company

Prospecting campaign drives results and customer acquisition.

Client Challenge

Experian are the world’s leading global information services company. They provide accurate financial data, credit reports and credit checks to people and organisations all over the world who are looking for better credit control. The client engaged The Exchange Lab to test a multi-platform approach as part of the wider marketing plan.

The primary campaign objective focused on customer acquisition with the emphasis on driving incremental sign-ups for credit check reports, targeting customers in specific demographic segments according to NRS social grades (demographic classification in the UK).


Experian have gone on to use The Exchange Lab’s multi-platform approach in the following months and scaled the activity while maintaining performance.

  • 50%

    Lower CPA at its peak

  • Exceeded Experian’s expectations by 30%
  • Exceeded conversion targets during the first month



Deep analysis of converting audiences allowed us to refine our optimization algorithms to target similar behavioral groups.

  • Employed prospecting strategies to ensure all last touch conversions were not attributed to the clients incumbent retargeting partner
  • By utilizing Proteus, our proprietary technology, we were able to optimize the campaign using six different tactics across five different platforms
  • Effectively monetized social media by accessing inventory from several sources and demand side platforms

Proteus showed that the campaign focus needed to shift to target customers who actively manage their portfolio online rather than targeting strategies previously employed.


The insights delivered identified the highest converting audiences which all had similar things in common across each of the different segments:

  • Gender and salary band
  •  Life stage and demographics

We found:

  •  Those with certain interests and specific hobbies were more likely to click and convert
  •  Specific interest related websites saw the highest increase in conversation


Client Feedback:

“After meeting with The Exchange Lab we gave them a test budget and the results surpassed our expectations. Their approach revolves around using a combination of the best technology suppliers based on the requirements of the brief and so far it’s worked out very well for us. If you need advice on programmatic, whether you are taking the first few steps or executing more complex campaigns then we would encourage speaking with The Exchange Lab.  – Charles Cox, Marketing Manager – Acquisition, Experian