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Case Study

Political Campaign: Case Study

Reaching niche audience segments for a climate-focused political action committee.

Client Challenge

The marketing objective for this issue-based political action committee was to raise brand awareness and reach highly niche audience segments. Reaching these segments was imperative as they were the most likely to become advocates of the campaign and persuade others to join the cause. The campaign objective was to raise awareness and grow a loyal audience base by generating sign-ups on their website at a CPA of $100.


Saturated niche audience segment and delivered an average CPA of $70*

  • 30%

    Beat CPA target by

*Achieved under the $100 CPA objective within 7 days


  • Staggered campaign approach, reacting to insights and adjusting spend to optimize results at the most efficient price
  • Campaign spend moved seamlessly between platforms and tactics based on daily performance
  • Expert traders carefully selected the optimal platforms to maximize reach

The first six days of the campaign were dedicated to using segment targeting tactics within niche segments. By day seven, the data trends pulled from the campaign analysis were able to offer deeper insight that was used to target the most relevant voters within the audience pool. The CPA dropped to $66, where it remained under the $100 CPA objective for the rest of the campaign.


  • Audience was most likely to convert between 12- 4pm on weekdays, peaking on Wednesdays
  • Political and newspaper sites were the best performing channels
  • Using the client’s own political data to target audience segments that were easily persuaded and warm to the cause was highly effective