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Case Study

Retail Case Study: Glasses Direct

Glasses Direct customer acquisition campaign outshines benchmarks and revenue targets in attracting the right audience.

Client Challenge

Glasses Direct is Europe’s largest online prescription eyewear store.  The primary objectives were to drive new user acquisition and sales revenue through the website and develop key audience insight across its online customer base. This case study looks at how the online-retailer engaged The Exchange Lab to expand its appeal to a broad audience.


Drove 10,000 new customers to purchase, delivering £700K revenue which is equivalent to around $1,162,000 USD

  • 50%

    Exceeded the CPA target by

  • £700k


  • 10,000

    Drove new customers to purchase


By using multiple buying platforms across vast inventory sources we were able to develop a number of targeting techniques aimed at reaching the broadest range of audience groups within the campaign.


  • Marketing strategies were focused towards top of funnel outreach, driving new customers consistently within performance targets
  • Executed 27 targeting tactics across three demand side platforms (DSPs), simultaneously using strategy benchmarking and tactic combinations to drive platform synergies
  • TEL combined accurate observations on the different ‘types’ of users who responded to and bought the products from campaign data with optimized targeting tactics and creative to personalize the communication to individuals


Deep analysis of converting audiences allowed us to refine our optimization algorithms to target different behavioral groups.


Multiple audience groups bought products from Glasses Direct. Communicating with each of these audiences, in the right environments with the right messaging is critical. Broadly speaking the highest converting audiences had the following characteristics:

  • Work in professional service environments, often late at night
  • However, engage strongly with the product in relaxed and browsing environments
  • Are interested in television entertainment, finance tutorials and football
  • A large portion of converters are pregnant or looking for pregnancy related items

Client Feedback:

“The Exchange Lab quickly moved beyond hitting the numbers to giving the equally valuable insights behind them. We needed display advertising to be an integral part of our marketing strategy and The Exchange Lab continued to work with us, answering wider business questions to grow the channel and the brand.” – Oliver Elliott, Head of Digital Marketing