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Case Study

Travel Case Study: Luxury Hotel Group

Discover how re-targeting and leveraging social inventory boosted conversions and topped ROI targets.

Client Challenge

This large hotel group based in the United States wanted to run a separate campaign for each of their eight luxury hotels across the country. The Exchange Lab was asked to achieve an ROI of 20:1 or higher on hotel bookings for each campaign. The campaign objective was focused around driving more online reservations for each of the hotels advertized.


The Exchange Lab achieved an average ROI of 38:1 across the eight campaigns, outperforming the objective by $18.

  • 38:1



Using the data collected during the campaign our team created a whitelist of the best performing sites to optimize results against the retargeting strategy.

  • The approach focused on tactics around social inventory (Outlook and Facebook) as well as retargeting from their website
  • The best performance occurred when using the recency tactic, delivering ads to users who had been to the site within 30 days. Our optimization team placed a frequency cap on ads to drive performance without wasted impressions
  • The Exchange Lab worked with the client on a few strategies outside of the direct media spend including creative recommendations to improve overall ROI along with a cross attribution strategy between the hotels as a way to ensure the campaigns for their smaller hotels were working for each other to produce results across the board

Reacting to learnings from the 30 day recency tactic, The Exchange Lab used real-time data from Proteus and discovered that seven days after the consumer visited the hotel’s website was the optimal time to retarget them with new creative.


  • When look-a-like modelling was implemented to find prospects we discovered the online consumers most likely to spend were single business professionals
  • The highest volume of conversions were observed on Tuesdays and Fridays, possibly reflecting the group of business travellers who need to book last minute trips and those who have the chance to plan ahead respectively