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Case Study

TV Sync Case Study: A&W

Client Challenge

The client wanted to promote awareness of A&W’s chicken products nationally, letting consumers know that the chicken is raised in a socially responsible manner. A&W wanted the campaign to drive consumer engagement and stimulate conversation around their commitment to upholding the highest quality standards.

A&W’s agency Vizeum, were particularly interested in one of The Exchange Lab’s latest products, TV Sync, which allows brands to automatically coordinate their digital display advertising with TV advertising. The client wanted to ensure their digital efforts were working harder together with TV, delivering a second touch point with consumers and this product is the only one in market that offers brands the ability to reach audiences at scale across multiple screens in sync.

A&W’s target audience are 25-44 year-olds, which meant it was especially important that their strategy was centered on a multi-screen approach including TV, mobile and display.


  • 179%

    Exceeded Expectations By

  • 0.421%

    Achieved CTR

  • 0.27%

    CTR Objective Surpassed

  • This target was exceeded in every province.
  • The Exchange Lab also delivered significant unique reach for A&W; 2.6 million unique visitors, offering the client both reach and scale.


  • The Exchange Lab used a combination of platforms and tactics including Channel and Contextual targeting.
  • TV Sync extended the reach of A&W’s TV campaign, which ran on 12 major networks across all devices.
  • This multi-channel strategy ensured the video ads utilized digital targeting capabilities, identifying and engaging their audience.
  • The Exchange Lab operations team ran TV Sync across the two best performing platforms, delivering both scale and performance.


Best Performing:
City: Surrey, BC (0.92%)
Province: Newfoundland (0.879%)

Time of Day for Smartphones: 12-5pm
Driven mainly by iPhone users

Time of Day for Tablets: 1-4am
Driven mainly by iPad users 

38.76% Female
61.24% Male

13.80%: $30-50k
41.90%: $50-100k
38.19%: $100-150k
4.10%: > $150k