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Case Study

Automotive Case Study: Volkswagen

Channel targeting delivered roaring results.

Client Challenge

Volkswagen Canada needed to drive traffic to their website with the objective of increasing both brand awareness and dealership visits. The target audience was initially broad across five Canadian provinces.


The individual CPAs for the Build & Price, Comparator, and Locate a Dealer conversion points were all lower than the client’s combined CPA goal.

  • 1,383%

    Exceeded clients expectations by

  • 56,134


  • 93%

    Lower CPA, hitting targets in every province the campaign delivered


Investing in channel targeting was essential. Targeting the right channels enabled us to reach the desired mid to high income households that are willing to purchase a vehicle. This in turn allowed us to build up a cookie pool and drive substantial conversions.

  • The campaign was optimised using three different tactics on three platforms
    Leveraged past experience in auto campaigns to target the most relevant and effective channels
  • Used geographic targeting to ensure sufficient audience reach in all of the provinces specified
  • Retargeted interested audience with pre-roll videos to boost engagement

The retargeting tactic operated on all three platforms from the beginning of the campaign to maximize conversions, followed by re-allocating spend to the two platforms that delivered the best results.


Conversion Breakdown

Conversions were broken down as follows: Build & Price – 83%, Comparator – 6%, LAD – 11%, and BATD – 1%.

This suggests that the campaign generated a healthy mix of brand interest and purchase intent.

Audience Insight

A large proportion of the audience that navigated to the Build & Price page had the following defining features:

  • Men 45 to 54 years old
  • Employed at a large corporation (1000+ employees)
  • Interested in international travel, finance, movies, computers and technology