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Case Study

Vue Entertainment

Client Challenge

With 84 cinemas and over 800 screens, Vue Entertainment is one of the leading cinema chains operating in the UK and Ireland. Their objective was to increase in-theatre traffic and sales across the business.

Vue Entertainment partnered with The Exchange Lab to drive sales and in-theatre traffic for a number of Blockbuster and niche audience films over the year. By targeting customers across mobile and desktop and adopting a multi-platform approach, The Exchange Lab was able to quickly align, perform and achieve a low CPA.

The Exchange Lab implemented a ‘client first’ strategy that saw Vue Entertainment receive audience information that they did not already have, helping to further build their marketing strategy and increase sales across the business.


Based on last touch attribution methods, The Exchange Lab were able to achieve:

  • 5:1


  • 65%

    Beat CPA at lowest point

  • 10%

    Additional conversions after campaigns had finished

Through attribution analysis we determined that the campaign continued to drive sales across Vue Entertainment after the campaign had finished.


The Exchange Lab setup a ‘client first’ strategy, implementing reports that enabled additional information to be passed back to Vue.

  • Optimising the campaign across six platforms, we ensured targeted scale and reach across 43 exchanges
  • A combination of five tactics were used to ensure performance, including audience, device, channel targeting and reach
  • Mobile optimised formats were used to match consumer device and size

While the campaign creative centred on one movie title, The Exchange Lab added value by reporting on other blockbuster titles running across the country, helping to influence Vue Entertainment’s marketing strategy.

Vue Entertainment Testimonial

“The Exchange Lab are our trusted partners. We go to them for their consultative approach, audience insights, and ability to drive conversions – whether the campaign is a blockbuster movie or a niche audience production. Their multi-platform approach enables reach and scale in market, allowing us to maximise sales for both specific cinema sites around the country and to increase footfall to specific releases.”
Duncan Connal, Digital Marketing Manager at Vue Entertainment


Audiences varied depending on the blockbuster movie advertised in each campaign. Proteus insights showed that on all Vue campaigns:

  • From Thursday to Friday there was a 60% uplift in conversions relative to the previous day
  • There was an average 160% increase in conversions on Saturday compared to Monday and 100% uplift on Friday
  • There was a lower CPA at the end of the week due to an increase in customers purchasing tickets
  • We saw that blockbuster movie, Jurassic World had higher conversions on entertainment sites, such as Movies and Video Gaming
  • Secret service film, Kingsman had higher conversions on Theatre and Concert sites, reflecting the interests for the highest converting age group (35-45)
  • Besides Entertainment, there were more conversions on Telecommunications sites than any other. Websites with particularly high conversions were and
  • Looking at post view conversions up to 14 days after the campaigns ran, we saw that The Exchange Lab targeting drove a further 10% sales