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DSP? CPM? DCO? CPA? Don’t Worry, Just Take a Look Below.


DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization)

A dynamic creative ad is a personalized or unique ad built in real-time when an ad request is delivered to an ad server. The dynamic ad is created on the fly by using a unique ad template and different elements pulled from a merchant product feed.

Direct Response Advertising

(Do something now, people!)

A goal of soliciting an immediate, near-term action from a viewer.

DMP (Data Management Platform)

(Setting your data KPIs, quarterly targets, that kind of thing...)

A database of publisher and user data. The software manages and sorts multiple data points then segments for businesses to use.

DSP (Demand-Side-Platform)

Allows advertisers and ad agencies to more easily access and efficiently buy ad inventory across multiple ad exchanges through one interface because the DSP aggregates inventory from multiple ad exchanges, simplifying the process.

Dwell Rate

Measures the actual length of time a user’s cursor is stationary on one device, testing the engagement with ads and various other characteristics.

Dynamic IP Address

An IP address (assigned by an ISP to a client PC) that changes periodically.

Dynamic Pricing

The purchase price for an ad impression that is determined via a real-time auction rather than a predetermined fixed rate.


Term describing the effective cost of 1,000 impressions (“mille” means thousand in Latin).  In online advertising, eCPM translates to the advertising revenue generated per 1,000 impressions. To work this out, you must divide the total advertising earnings from a campaign by the total number of impressions and then multiply by 1,000. This leaves you with how much you’re earning on average from your CPM campaign.

Expandable Banners

A banner ad which can expand to as large as 468 x 240 after a user clicks on it or after a user moves his/her cursor over the banner. See for the IAB IMU guidelines.

First Look

Prioritized access to selected advertisers. Instead of a highest bidder winning the auction, the preferred advertiser gets the first refusal of an ad space; within an auction that has a pre-determined floor price.

First-Party Data

Is information collected and stored directly by website publishers, retailers and other types of companies about their site visitors or customers.

Floating Ads

An ad or ads that appear within the main browser window on top of the web page’s normal content, thereby appearing to “float” over the top of the page.

Floor Price

("How much for your lino?")

The minimum selling price set by a publisher on an ad exchange for selling an ad impression.


The number of times an ad is delivered to the same browser in a single session or time period. A site can use cookies in order to manage ad frequency.

Frequency Capping

The ability to set a limit on the number of times an advertiser exposes a user to their advertising within a fixed time period.