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(You're about 5 bites into your delicious sub and get that sad feeling that you don't want it to end.)

Form of online video advertisement that appears mid-way through an online video. See ‘Pre-roll’ and ‘Post-roll’.


Multiple demand side platforms (DSPs) incorporated into one advertising trading platform, such as The Exchange Lab’s proprietary management trading platform, Proteus. A multi-platform approach provides efficiency, scale and the ability to reach audiences across all devices and channels.


('Indigenous Ad' doesn't quite have the same ring, does it?)

Describes a type of paid media where the ad experience follows the state structure of the environment in which it is placed, to mimic the user environment. It copies the site’s format to make it blend in, basically.


A combining form meaning “all”.


All platforms in one.

OPA (Online Privacy Alliance)

(For Greeks it's like - WOOHOO! Or…)

These are a group of corporations and associations who have come together to introduce and promote business-wide actions that create an environment of trust and foster the protection of individuals’ privacy online.

Open Auction/Ad Exchange

An open ad exchange is where advertisers and agencies can buy ad impressions without prior clearance from marketers or publishers.


([*Dons a cockney accent*] I just opt-in me car n' off I went.)

Refers to an individual giving a company permission to use data collected from or about the individual for a particular reason, such as to market the company’s products and services.