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DSP? CPM? DCO? CPA? Don’t Worry, Just Take a Look Below.



When consumers compare prices on mobile whilst out in a traditional bricks and mortar shop.


Customized sets of graphics used in display advertising as a highly visible wallpaper.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Provides a secure connection between websites and internet browsers, enabling private data transition online. An SSL secured site displays a padlock in the browser URL. Some ad exchanges place restrictions on the types of ads that run on these sites and require secure creative placements.

SSP (Supply-Side Platform)

Enables publishers to plug into the ad exchanges to make their inventory available. Through SSPs, publishers hope to gain the highest eCPM for their inventory, as opposed to selling it at low-cost remnant prices.

Third Party Ad Server

(The newest form of bar tending)

Independent outsourced companies that specialize in managing, maintaining, serving, tracking, and analyzing the results of online ad campaigns. They deliver targeted advertising that can be tailored to consumers’ declared or predicted characteristics or preferences.

Third-Party Data

Data obtained through a multitude of internet interactions from outside sources. It is used to help create consumer segments for targeted ads.

Trading Desk

(Trading desks; the latest office past-time.)

A third-party company that licenses and supports DSP technology, managing programmatic, bid-based media and audience buying on behalf of advertisers/agencies.

TV Syncing

Using geolocation, behavioral data and device signals, TV syncing triggers online ad campaigns in real-time to coincide with brand adverts being shown on TV.