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Facebook Adverts Platform

The Exchange Lab is pleased to offer our clients access to the Facebook Adverts Platform, leveraging Facebook’s proprietary data and cross-device targeting to help drive performance for both branding and direct response campaigns.

We work on a transparent managed service model for all Facebook activity to run alongside your other Exchange Lab campaigns.

Through us, you will be able to access:

  • All Facebook inventory – mobile, desktop, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network
  • Facebook creative formats (display, video, multi-image ads)
  • Facebook data targeting (Including Location, Demographics, Interests, Behaviours, Connections)
  • Facebook Custom Audiences – Retarget your web and offline 1st party audiences across Facebook


  • Location: country, city, region, postcode
  • Demographics: age & gender
  • Interest Categories: music, films, sport, games, shopping
  • Behaviours: intent based data, phone contract, searching for mortgages
  • Cross device: Facebook cross device targeting is a default targeting and reporting setting


  • Page connections: retarget users who have liked an advertiser’s page
  • Standard web pixel retargeting
  • Extend web audiences using Facebook’s lookalike audience builder
  • CRM data: use emails, phone numbers and physical addresses to re-target users on Facebook

As well as our custom audiences feature (1st party data targeting), we are able to run retargeting, CRM data segmentation (on email, phone numbers) and lookalike modelling.

We optimise to a wide range of campaign goals:

  • Website conversions (CPA)
  • Mobile app installs (CPI, app engagement)
  • Web traffic (CTR)
  • Video completions
  • Brand awareness (reach, engagement)