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MediaPost’s Programmatic Insider Summit

MediaPost’s Programmatic Insider Summit, Arizona Grand Resort & Spa, AZ, USA

Monday, February 22 2016

Mon, February 22, 1:10pm, Fountain Circle:The digital landscape is constantly evolving and it can be difficult for marketers to know which advertising technology will be the most effective for their brand, as well as how they can make the best use of their own data. In this session, Warren Jansons, Head of Sales at The Exchange Lab, discusses how implementing a multi-platform programmatic strategy will vastly improve how you find and engage with your consumers across devices, simplifying the process for CMOs. He will also explore the most common challenges modern marketers face and simple solutions that will lead them to consistent efficiency, reach and performance. Finally, Jansons will share how the strength of tools and tech vary in different markets globally, and what you should look for in a partner.

Warren Jansens, Head of Sales at The Exchange Lab will be presenting at 1.10pm in the Fountain Circle. Find out more here.