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The Exchange Lab Partners With Mobile Specialist Adbrain






Partnership enables improved targeting of customers across IOS, Android, and Windows platforms with brand message.


NEW YORK, LONDON, TORONTO – Nov. 4, 2014: The Exchange Lab, the world’s largest programmatic digital media marketplace, today announced a partnership with leading multi-screen technology company, Adbrain, to strengthen its cutting-edge mobile proposition.

The Exchange Lab’s recently launched, innovative, automated trading platform, Proteus, is now seamlessly integrated with Adbrain’s fully self-service, multi-screen demand-side platform (DSP) –  Synapse. This initiative will enable advertisers to reach additional mobile audiences through Adbrain within The Exchange Lab’s technology portfolio.

The Exchange Lab’s trading platform, Proteus, allows clients to keep pace with advertising technology, ensuring they are at the cutting edge of innovation. Adbrain’s DSP, Synapse is integrated into Proteus, along with nine other market leading technology platforms, to provide advertisers with one point of access to the entire media trading marketplace. The rapidly expanding mobile advertising market hit $19.3 billion/£11.9 billion in 2013 globally, nearly doubling from the previous year*, making it an essential component of any marketing strategy.

Adbrain’s philosophy of transparent reporting, real time learning, and multi-screen capabilities – along with its audience-centric approach – aligns with and enhances the full market view that The Exchange Lab provides in the media-trading marketplace. With marketing plans now omni-channel and across all screens, mobile is the device that keeps consumers connected when they are ’on the go’. It is increasingly bridging the gap between online and offline, driving footfall through data and geo targeting, and has become a key research tool and influencer through ‘show-rooming’.

Chris Dobson, Executive Chairman, The Exchange Lab, said: “Adbrain’s Synapse platform has been integrated seamlessly with Proteus to enable increased transparency and autonomy for our customers, offering more impactful and enhanced targeting particularly within mobile. With programmatic advertising predicted to reach $53 billion by 2018 – and mobile alone representing as much as 55% of total global RTB spend by 2019 – a major part of our partnership strategy is to add specialist mobile DSPs to complement our existing portfolio. We’re delighted to welcome Adbrain into our technology portfolio.”

François Deschênes, Head of Product at Adbrain, commented: “Like Proteus – which provides unique API integration, enabling real-time dataflow between the platform and its partner DSP – Synapse learns from each campaign execution. It then applies these insights to the campaigns being actioned with immediate effect, providing increased return on investment and a better consumer experience. Through our partnership with The Exchange Lab, customers can take full advantage of the Adbrain platform and its ability to reach audiences across multiple devices, specifically mobile, in a market that is growing exponentially every year.”

About Adbrain

Adbrain is at the forefront of the data-driven, multi-screen advertising revolution. Powered by the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, the Adbrain platform turns data into actionable insights, empowering advertisers to connect in real-time to their audiences, no matter what device they’re on. Users of Adbrain’s fully transparent and customisable programmatic technology stack can unlock and activate their proprietary data as well as third party data for enhanced real-time mobile and multi-screen audience buying, relevance and results – all from a single, easy-to-use interface.