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iMedia Brand Summit

Join The Exchange Lab at iMedia Brand Summit, Coronado, CA, USA

September 13-16


The Exchange Lab are proud sponsors of this year’s iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado.

This iMedia Brand Summit will address the changing consumer behaviors, attitudes, and habits that marketers must understand in order to meet those expectations. The summit will look externally at these consumer trends — their needs, wants, and desires — and how marketers can use the tools and tactics at their disposal in order to address emerging trends and requirements in the following areas:

  • eCommerce: Connecting digital with physical
  • The trouble with aggregators: How to ensure your product is properly represented by 3rd party sites
  • From mobile to desktop, and back: measuring across devices
  • Blurring the lines between customers wants: when does personalization become stalking?
  • Influencer marketing
  • Panel of agencies and marketers – how do you communicate?
  • Analytics and programmatic – what should be in-house?
  • How to manage, read, and overlay data
  • Delivering a consistent message across platforms