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Masters Awards Q&A With Matt Nash

In this Q&A, Matt Nash, VP Europe shares his thoughts on The Exchange Lab’s ‘Powering O2 Sales’ project, nominated in the Programmatic category at The Masters Awards 2015. See the full list of nominees here.

Project & Team

What do you think really made this project stand out?

Our multi-platform approach, high service levels and the campaign results. The Exchange Lab built the first multi-platform programmatic management and trading platform of its kind with the ability to pick the strengths of nine demand side platform through one interface. With the results, when multi-touch attribution was taken into account on the project, the results were pretty impressive. They showed 1200% increase in conversions when mobile was isolated, which is a great achievement on its own. Being able to show that business-wide sales improved for O2 and real knock on success was due to our campaign was excellent.

How do you build the perfect team?

You have to look for a mixture of experience, creativity and determination to succeed. Dan Michelson [O2] is always looking to try out the latest technologies and Eloi Casali from ZenithOptimedia is an open and honest partner who helps his clients to succeed through detailed data interpretation, which was a great match for us. From The Exchange Lab’s side, we believe a mix of man and machine achieves the best results, using our business intelligence to inform decisions with specialists on each demand side platform (DSP) to grow accounts and improve results.

Other Campaigns

Which campaigns have you seen recently that are defining the marketing landscape?

IKEA’s Quick and Easy room makeover display campaign from Canada engaged their customers with the ability to design the room, mixing colours, fabrics and styles. Once they were happy with their styles, the user was able to share their creations via social channels, such as Facebook or Twitter and download a pricings and information PDF of their chosen designs for use either in store or online. Interactive banner formats where the user actively looks to engage help to improve recall and increase sales. This campaign is a great example of how display and social can combine to create impressive results.

What types of company do you see excelling at marketing at the moment?

Companies that are independent and don’t have to answer to stakeholders are the ones that are succeeding at the moment as it means that they aren’t tied to alternative interests. Those companies are driving the most innovation, growth and solving problems for their clients and customers.

Trends & Thought Leadership

Marketing is becoming more and more data and technology-driven, how can marketers ensure the right balance between creative thinking and scientific marketing?

It’s important for marketers to keep both creativity and data insights in mind at all stages of a campaign–marketing works best with both in the mix. Data insights are there to inform and guide, however there needs to be human decision making involved to allow for anomalies and human reasoning. Good creative should be at the heart of everything we do and data should be there for audience targeting.

What do you see as being the biggest trends of 2015, and do you see examples of companies capitalising on these as part of their marketing campaigns and programmes?

One of the biggest trends of 2015 is the ability to use CRM data combined with programmatic display targeting. Combining first and third party data has always been a great mix, however when you know who your customer is along the journey, sequential messaging possibilities leave more opportunities to engage your customer.

How should companies be defining and measuring marketing excellence?

It’s important to remember that each campaign is unique, so no one metric will work for all campaigns. All marketers however, should look to implement an independent attribution strategy that will be able to determine where the real value in your campaign is coming from. That will be the future of defining success.


What are the core elements of inspiration to be found within marketing?

A desire to do better through creativity and technological innovation.

What inspired you to enter The Masters this year? What would winning an award mean to you? 

The Masters is the combination of two of the industry’s best publications – Marketing Week and Econsultancy – and as such we hold them in high regard. Looking at the entry criteria, we thought the Powering O2 Sales campaign hit all stages of the brief – innovation, creativity and excellence, so we realised we should enter to showcase the campaign success. Winning the Programmatic award would be a great way to recognise the dedication of the individuals involved in the project.