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Media in Canada: Programmatic Wars

Out of its infancy and into its adolescence, programmatic advertising has grown and it’s moving into new and exciting places. With programmatic TV, native advertising, cross-screen capabilities, more premium inventory options and a slew of data-powered products specifically designed to address particular advertiser needs, the old, display-driven race to the bottom has officially been left in the dust as more exciting and efficient options crop up for advertisers to bag better programmatic ROI.

Increasingly, data is the word of the day. Advertisers now have all sorts of avenues available to mine specific insights about niche audiences that they can hyper-target across screens and ad formats. Data makes messaging more effective, it increases relevance by being time sensitive and appropriate, improves understanding as to how consumers consume media across multiple devices and lets advertisers know how best to talk to them and on what device.

“What’s changed is the increase in availability of first party and third party data,” says Chris Dobson, CEO of Exchange Lab. “That first party data is the most important data set an advertiser has because it’s unique to them. What we do in the programmatic space is marry that data directly into the marketing effort to inform the way we run campaigns.

Here, The Exchange Lab discuss how they build opportunity for their clients.