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nextMEDIA – The Future of Content & Commerce

nextMEDIA – The Future of Content & Commerce
 Toronto, Canada, November 10, 2015
10:20- 10:50 am

Digital Advertising In Today’s Mobile World

According to a Business Insider report, Mobile Advertising is growing faster than any other digital advertising format. In the past, there has been a large difference between the amount of time people spend on their phones and the amount of ad money that is spent on the medium. However, as marketers are beginning to assign more dollars in order to appeal to a mobile-first audience, expectations are that this gap will narrow- spend on ad formats, including display, social, video and search will grow immensely, and programmatic ad-buying tools, including real-time bidding, will reshape mobile advertising.

Our own Nikki Hawke, Global VP Marketing, Nick Sweeney, President and CEO from Juice Mobile and Marla Natoli, Director of Video and Mobile Product Strategy at AOL, will be discussing how the shift in mobile advertising is affecting marketing on a daily basis.