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The Exchange Lab Launches Proteus – The Future of Programmatic Media Trading


Unique API integration enables real-time two-way dataflow between Proteus and multiple DSPs

Architecture modelled on Bloomberg & FX financial trading platforms

Platform evaluates billions of audience interactions daily

NEW YORK, LONDON, TORONTO, September 25 2014 – The Exchange Lab, the world’s largest programmatic digital media marketplace, today launches Proteus. Proteus is a creative and innovative automated trading platform that provides clients with a holistic view of the global programmatic marketplace.

The new platform achieves this fully rounded market view by plugging into all major demand side platforms (DSPs) and audience pools. The proprietary technology was built in-house at The Exchange Lab. It includes a unique API integration which enables two-way dataflow between Proteus and the world’s leading media technology companies or DSPs. Integrated with 10 DSPs, including; MediaMath, Turn, AppNexus, The Trade Desk, TubeMogul, AdLearn Open Platform (AOP), Adbrain, Yahoo Ad Exchange, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick Bid Manager, it provides access to 85 exchanges and supply side platforms (SSPs) globally. Additional DSPs will be integrated by the end of 2014.

Custom API integrations allow Proteus to monitor the market in real-time – as market prices move and audiences become exhausted, Proteus enables us to move spend between platforms to give the client the best possible return on investment. As an independent digital media company, The Exchange Lab takes an agnostic approach to technology solutions and operates at a global level across all markets providing clients with efficiency and performance.

James Aitken, Co- Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said: “Proteus is modelled on the financial trading platforms used by banks and is a combination of the best of Bloomberg and the FX trading platforms. It evolved from the need to deliver our clients unprecedented access to the entire digital media marketplace. Proteus delivers a transparent, reassuring system through which brands can safely move into the programmatic space.”

Proteus enables personalised content to be delivered at scale through a single touch point. As a campaign goes live its budget is allocated to specific DSPs and the insights are analysed by traders. This analysis allows traders to move budget in real time to where it is performing best.  Our expert traders use Proteus to select the most appropriate platforms and tactical combinations for each client campaign, changing on a minute by minute, hour by hour basis dependent on market fluctuation. Trader analysis ensures every campaign is driven by optimisation and it is a combination of Proteus technology and trader expertise that delivers our clients fantastic return on investment.