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Vote For The Exchange Lab’s Session At IAB Engage

Engage 2016: Power & Choice

Vote for The Exchange Lab’s session on IAB UK’s website here.

 The Exchange Lab are in the final to speak in a keynote at IAB Engage 2016 – it’s all down to the big vote. More details on our proposed session ‘Disengaged: are CMOs missing the mark when it comes to engaging millennials?’ is below and you can vote for us to speak here.

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‘Disengaged: are CMOs missing the mark when it comes to engaging millennials?’

Chris Dobson, CEO at The Exchange Lab

Summary: In today’s age of digital, priorities are changing. In the past brands used to be focused on consumers’ wallets, but today brands are vying for consumers’ most important commodity – their time – and trying to keep them engaged.

People have more choice now than ever in all aspects of their lives and it’s taking its toll; it’s been widely publicised that our attention spans are now shorter than a goldfish’s (human being’s eight seconds compared to a goldfish’s nine). Millennials reportedly spend around 18 hours a day interacting with media.

With so much competition for consumer time and attention, media veteran, and CEO at The Exchange Lab, Chris Dobson looks at why the psychology of power and choice plays such an integral role in engaging millennials, sharing best practice tips to increase engagement online and beyond.

In this thought-provoking address, Chris Dobson will look at psychological studies and online advertising malpractice to explain why consumers are being driven away online, and offer five takeaways for marketers to improve their campaign engagement.