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Brand Safety Policy

The Exchange Lab - Brand Safety Protection Policy

The Exchange Lab is committed to providing the highest level of brand safety for advertisers. To achieve this and minimize the risk of ad misplacement, we have stringent internal policies that we adhere to for each and every campaign we run. We will set out our brand protection policies in this document in three sections.

Content Verification

We partner with Integral Ad Science (IAS) on two levels. Firstly using their AdSafe Firewall, which is the best in breed preventative ad-blocking solution. The second is using their ‘pre-bid’ data for safe programmatic buying within the RTB auction process. The next two subsections will explain each of these in turn.

Ad Blocking Solution:

Integral Ad Science’s AdSafe Firewall analyses and scores individual web pages against several key content categories:

Adult Content




Offensive Language

Illegal Downloads

Hate and Racism Speech

Illegal Drugs

Bot Networks

Malicious websites

Peer to Peer File Sharing


Message Boards and un-moderated Forums

Each website’s score is between 1 and 1000. Using AdSafe’s Firewall, we can customize the risk thresholds based on this granular 1-1000 rating scale, thereby controlling the type of content appropriate for our advertisers as ads are passed or blocked on the individual page level in real time. 

Pre-Bid Solution:

The second way The Exchange Lab uses Integral Ad Science (IAS) is ‘pre-bid’ – we use IAS’s pre-bid data to allow targeting around brand safety and ad viewability within the programmatic auction process. Using this solution ensures that advertisers ads will only appear on appropriate content that has been classified as ‘safe’ before we place and win bids within the auction.

Appropriate and Inappropriate Schedules

To minimize the risk of ad misplacement, The Exchange Lab uses appropriate and inappropriate schedules. These are also known as ‘whitelists’ and ‘blacklists’.

The Exchange Lab’s Blacklist Policy

The Exchange Lab’s ‘blacklist’ consists of thousands of websites where we (The Exchange Lab) or Integral Ad Science have deemed the content to be inappropriate based on (but not limited to) the following criteria;

Adult Content Malware/Adware

Alcohol Violence

Offensive Language Illegal Downloads

Hate and Racism Speech Illegal Drugs

Bot Networks Malicious websites

Peer to Peer File Sharing Weapons

Message Boards and un-moderated Forums

This ‘blacklist’ is manually updated regularly.

Every campaign runs against this master ‘blacklist’ in addition to the Integral ‘Ad blocking’ or ‘Pre-bid’ protection detailed in the previous section.

The Exchange Lab’s ‘blacklist’ can be viewed at any time. Please contact your local sales representative.

The Exchange Lab’s Whitelist Policy

The Exchange Lab’s ‘whitelist’ comprises of over 2,500 sites which have been manually verified by us and Integral Ad Science. If an advertiser or agency would like to run a campaign on this ‘whitelist’ only please contact your local sales representative.

Advertiser and Agency Blacklists and Whitelists

If an advertiser/agency would like to use their own verified ‘blacklists’ or ‘whitelists’, this is indeed possible. Please inform your local sales representative at the time of initial booking.

Takedown Policy

Takedown Policy

The Exchange Lab uses a number of methods to ensure brand misplacement does not occur, but in the unfortunate event of an advertisement appearing on a site against content that is deemed inappropriate, The Exchange Lab will remove this advert within 2 hours of the initial alert. However best endeavors will be made for the removal to be immediate. We will investigate the matter fully internally and add the offending site to our master ‘blacklist’.

The contractual consequences of not taking down an advert in accordance with our Takedown policy are evaluated and agreed with the buyer on a case by case basis.

If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this document please email