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Ad Specifications

Make sure your creative is the perfect fit


All Native Specifications


File Size Limit

  • Under 40KB

Accepted Formats

  • JPEG (Preferred)
  • PNG



  • 300 x 300 min
  • 1200 x 1200 max


  • 800 x 1200
  • 72DPI



  • Standard:300 x 300
  • MSN: 300 x 600
  • No text other than brand logo
  • PNG formatted image with transparent background
  • Two logo versions: light and dark (if possible)

Image Heading

  • Standard:25 characters or less
  • MSN: 150 characters or less

Image Copy

  • Standard: 200 character limit
  • MSN: 300 character limit

Click Redirect

  • Click through URL:
    desired final landing page experience for user
  • 3rd party click tracking URL
  • These should redirect within the unit, they should not click through to the landing page
  • 3rd party impression pixels
  • Please provide tag trafficking worksheet in excel format

Trafficking Template

Please supply all creative and tracking assets within the creative trafficking template provided

Best Practice


  • Include both the video and image portions of the creative
  • Choose engaging photos. Vibrant pictures are more likely to catch the eye
  • Use products set in real environments. Historically, these have tended to perform better than products in isolation
  • Pick a click-through URL that is somewhat associated with the creative. Don’t send users to a page that leaves them confused as to why they clicked
  • Explore all the image options at your fingertips. From blogs to product pages, you likely have a treasure trove of impactful images


  • Use images with too much text. Let the image speak for itself
  • Crop the image. We’ll take care of ensuring the image fits perfectly across every placement
  • Use an image with a logo overlaid on top. Don’t you sweat it, our image technology will pair these two assets together
  • Use banner ad creative. The image, logo and copy will come together to form a beautiful ad


  • Products set in a real environment perform better than products in insolation
  • No text in the image
  • Please do not apply the logo on the image, TripleLift will programmatically overlay this
  • Unless it is an intentional close up of the image, do no crop. The Exchange Lab will adjust for the most flattering resizing and cropping based on focal regions

SSL Compliance

  • Impression trackers should be SSL compliant
  • For more information on SSL compliance please contact your Exchange Lab account manager

Naming Conventions:

Please ensure that impressions and click trackers have the following within the placement naming convention

  • A campaign and/or product name (e.g. ALWAYSON, WINTERSALE, 2WEEKOFFER)
  • Set version number (e.g. Tag1, T1, Placement1, P1)
  • No duplication of names across the sets

Approved Ad Serving Partners:

Impression and click tracking URLs from all major ad serving vendors are supported. Including Adform, Atlas, Eye Return, Flash Talking, Sismek, Pointroll and OpenX.

Creative Feedback

We will provide initial feedback on any issues with creative within 1 working day. We will then follow up with any further feedback we receive from our platforms which can take up to 24 hours