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Ad Specifications

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Outlook Requirements

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File Size


Accepted Formats

  • HTML5
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG



  • VersaTile: 40KB
  • 160×600 Sky:40KB initial
    100KB total
  • Backup Image: 40KB Max

Max Animation

15 Seconds

General Requirements

  • For 100×72 the creative must be received as a static image file and include a headline (25 characters including spaces) and description (90 characters including spaces)
  • Third party ad tags accepted from all major Ad servers
  • Border: that is a different colour to the main body of the ad
  • Landing Page: must relate to the product and brand represented in the creative
  • Looping no more 3 times

Best Practice


To ensure continued reach across all modern browsers and device types, The Exchange Lab recommends building all creative using HTML5.

Any creative built using HTML5 must comply with the IAB standard guidelines as well as those listed below.


HTML5 Guidelines

  • The primary asset of your HTML5 creative is the HTML file. This is the entry point for your creative. It must be a complete HTML document that includes at least one click tag and can load into an iFrame. DCM serves the iFrame along with your assets
  • Other files: Include any other files that are referenced by the HTML file
  • Do not include any files that are not referenced
  • Supported file types: HTML, HTM, JS, CSS, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, JSON, XML, and SVG
  • All vendor technologies must be certified in HTML5
  • Include one or more click tags in your HTML file. Click tags allow The Exchange Lab ad server to pass a click-through URL to the creative and track clicks
  • Make sure your banner uses the click tag variable as the click destination
  • We do not recommend hard-coded click-through URLs in your HTML file because that prevents DCM from tracking clicks
  • Please ensure a backup image is provided (JPEG or GIF, non-animated, 40KB max)
  • Any 3PAS which delivers a file size over 150KB must use initial/polite loading. The initial max load is 150KB and the total max load (including polite) is 2.2MB

Example of a Click tag inserted in an HTML doc:

<meta name=”ad.size” content=”width=300,height=250”>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var clickTag = “”; </script>
[The rest of your creative code goes here.] </html>

Ensure your creative uses the click tag variable as the click-through URL:

<a href=””>
<img src=”images/dclk.png” border=0>

Banned Attributes

  • Fake links/cursors/simulation of activity
  • Auto initiated audio ads: ads that auto play an audio file upon loading without user initiation
  • Malware: software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems
  • Undeclared landing pages: landing pages that do not match the advertised content on the banner
  • Misleading ads
  • Ads that automatically redirect a user to a different page upon loading without user initiation

The Headline Must Not:

  • Contain newline characters
  • Include 2 consecutive punctuation marks
  • Consist entirely of capital letters
  • Start with punctuation
  • Include double spaces
  • Include more than 2 consecutive 1 character words
  • Include special characters like < > * ^ ~ _ = { } [ ] | < >

The Description Must Not:

  • Contain any word having more than 20 characters
  • Include 2 consecutive punctuation marks
  • Consist entirely of capital letters
  • Start with punctuation
  • Include double spaces
  • Include more than 2 consecutive 1 character words
  • Include special characters like: < > * ^ ~ _ = { } [ ] | < >

SSL Compliance

  • All elements of your tags and tracking must be SSL compliant, this includes aby 4th party calls

Naming Conventions:

Please ensure that third party tags have the following within the placement naming convention

  • A campaign and/or product name (e.g. ALWAYSON, WINTERSALE, 2WEEKOFFER)
  • Tag set version number (e.g. Tag1, T1, Placement1, P1)
  • No duplication of placement names across tag sets

Approved Ad Serving Partners:

The Exchange Lab supports all major ad serving vendors including Adform, Atlas, Eye Return, Flash Talking, Sizmek and OpenX.

Third Party Tags File Format

Please send your third party tags in CSV format wherever possible. They should include both iFrame and JavaScript versions of the tag with all placeholders for macros included (click and random number).

Creative Feedback

We will provide initial feedback on any issues with creative within one working day. We will then follow up with any further feedback we receive from our platforms which can take up to 24 hours.