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How To Get The Most Out Of Programmatic Partners

Jemima Villaneuva, Strategic Partnerships Director at The Exchange Lab discusses how best to work with programmatic partners, explaining the importance of transparency and being open for a promising relationship, taking her experience working with IHG as an example. This session is from The Exchange Lab's programmatic breakfast, hosted with M&M Global.

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Unlock The Value Of Your Data Management Platform (DMP)

Hear about the rise of client side DMPs and how advertisers can use data to improve ROI and engagement as Zuzanna Gierlinska, Director of DMPs at Oracle Marketing Cloud talks through five actionable tips for data management platforms. This session was filmed at The Exchange Lab's programmatic breakfast.

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TV & Technology; Revolution & Evolution?

Traditional media has become digitized; cinema distributors have moved to digital formats, outdoor has invested in digital billboards. TV is the last of the traditional media sectors to move into programmatic. Chris Dobson gives his address at Festival of Media Global.

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The Future Of Programmatic TV

TV is the last traditional media sector to move into programmatic, joining other formats as it too becomes digitalised and enters the 'next generation' of advertising solutions. At Festival of Media Asia, Chris Dobson, Executive Chairman at The Exchange Lab, explains what the future might bring for TV.

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Bringing Programmatic Advertising In-House: The Pros, The Cons, The Future

The Exchange Lab's CEO and co-founder, James Aitken discusses the pros and cons of bringing programmatic advertising in-house, and also what to expect for the future of real-time bidding. This keynote session was filmed at FFWD 2015, Toronto, Canada.

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IAB RTA Conference 2014: Media Mixology — The Art Of Connecting With Your Customer

Tim Webster, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder of The Exchange Lab  discusses the art of connecting with your customer at the IAB's RTA Conference 2014.

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IAB Canada X-Series: Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Highlights from IAB Canada X-Series on Real Time Bidding - spotlight on James Aitken, CEO and Thierry Bazay, General Manager at The Exchange Lab  and Alex Gardner of Index Platform.

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