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Mad Men, Wise Women: Kate Le Messurier

Mad Men, Wise Women: Meet the pioneers of modern marketing This video series reminisces on the wise words of marketing and cultural legends, giving an insight into how these quotes still ring true in today's world of modern marketing. Kate Le Messurier, VP, Client Services at The Exchange Lab recalls a quote by the frequently referred to "The Socrates of San Francisco", Howard Gossage - "Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it's an ad." Kate looks at the shift from push to pull advertising, and how we can reengage with consumers.

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Meet Proteus

Proteus is a creative and innovative trading platform that is transforming the world of programmatic marketing.

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One for All.

Proteus is one technology, one team, one solution for all your programmatic marketing needs.

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Multi-platform means all devices, all channels, all audiences. Proteus, your one for all solution.

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Human Powered, Data Driven

Data driven solutions with a human touch.

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IAB Engage: What Do The Queen, Jesus and Technology Have In Common?

James Aitken, CEO at The Exchange Lab takes a look at an unusual subject of  how The Queen, Jesus and Technology all tie together at IAB Engage - The Human Touch.

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Battle of the DSPs

Who will come out top in this battle of the DSPs?

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An Introduction To The Exchange Lab

The Exchange Lab was the first company in the UK to offer specialist trading services across online ad exchanges and both demand and supply side platforms.

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