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Working Together

Empowering our partners

The programmatic marketing world can be complicated.

That’s why we have an experienced and friendly team who act as a constant resource throughout your campaign and beyond. As an independent company we have no vested interests or buying obligations. We only have one commitment and that’s to you, our client.

Working with clients in partnership at every stage, we take a strategy-first approach, powered by data and driven by insights. All of this activity is overseen by our dedicated team that stretches across the globe to ensure that your campaigns are monitored 24/7. The ‘always on’ consumer means an ‘always on’ campaign.

This is how we work:

All for One and One for All.

Your dedicated team at The Exchange Lab consists of your sales rep, account manager, trader and trafficker who work around the clock to deliver your campaign. We offer a data driven solution with a human touch and always put client goals first.

Algorithms may do the groundwork but it takes an experienced human eye to draw powerful connections to the data.

Meet part of the team and learn about some of their proudest programmatic moments: